Government of the Philippines' still considering US$12 billion airport proposal

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The Undersecretary for Planning of the Philippine government's Department of Transportation has stated that an unsolicited proposal for the delivery of a new international airport at Sangley Point in Cavite is still under consideration. 

The Undersecretary was asked to confirm this due to the lack of action regarding the proposal since it was submitted by All-Asia Resources and Reclamation Corp. and Belle Corp. in March this year.

The Undersecretary explained that the lack of action was due to a proposal for the airport submitted by the Cavite provincial government taking precedence over the private firms' proposal. The provincial government's PHP552 billion (US$10.2 billion) proposal was approved by the Department in July, but has not moved forward since as the Cavite government has not decided, or at least informed central government how it intends to structure the project.

However, the Department of Transportation's approval was conditional to the project not requiring any guarantee, subsidy or equity from central government. Thus, it is likely that the project's progression will involve private investment.

Meanwhile, the unsolicited proposal by All-Asia Resources and Reclamation Corp. and Belle Corp. will remain in consideration until a final decision is made on the Cavite government's proposal.

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