IMM Investment corp. invests US$ 40 million in United Water

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IMM Investment Co. (IMM) announced that it has invested USD 40 million in United Water Corporation via its ‘Green Infrastructure Fund’.

IMM plans to deploy funds from ‘Infra Fund VII’ to become a stakeholder of United Water, one of the major private companies in the Chinese water treatment market with more than 16 years of experience.

United Water has 23 water infrastructure operations in 13 cities and in 9 provinces in China. The operations are based on Concession Agreements with local governments that provide exclusivity and generate stable revenue streams. United Water will continue to expand its business in China as the water treatment market continues to grow.

In recent years, the Chinese Government has placed a more significant emphasis on improving water quality and thus has started to require more investment into infrastructure. IMM’s investment in United Water is the first by a Korean player into this trend of growing infrastructure development in China.

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