NEDA Board approved UP-PGH Cancer Center project in Philippines

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The NEDA Board has approved the development of Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) Cancer Center Project in Manila, Philippines.

The project work includes 300 beds, of which 150 existing PGH private beds and 150 existing PGH basic or ward beds, outpatient care, cancer diagnostics, and facilities for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and oncological surgery. UP-PGH will provide all clinical services free of charge for poor patients and the private sector offer clinical services to self-paying patients.

The center will be developed on a Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) contractual arrangement that will allow UP-PGH to free up its non-clinical and non-core functions facility to ensure that both charity and paying patients enjoy the same standard of facilities and services.

The Project will undergo an open and competitive tender process based on the lowest annual payment. The private partner will provide all the major equipment (initial and replacement), undertake maintenance, and facilities management, including non-clinical services such as cleaning, catering, laundry, and security for the entire hospital. Through the BTO arrangement, it is estimated that the government will defray costs and save up to Php37 billion (US$677.45 million) throughout the 30-year cooperation.


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