Planning and Environmental Study Service Contract Awarded for Vermont Bus Rapid Transit

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The Los Angeles County Transportation Authority (LA Metro) has awarded the Vermont Transit Corridor Planning and Environmental Study to the Vermont Corridor Partners (VCP), an AECOM-led joint venture with minority-owned small businesses Terry A. Hayes Associates Inc. (TAHA) and RAW International, Inc. (RAW) in the USA.

The study advocates for an inclusive strategy for enhancing both Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and rail systems along Vermont Avenue, which stands as the second busiest transit corridor in LA Metro's bus network, spanning from Hollywood Boulevard to 120th Street. The collaborative effort will be pivotal in planning, designing, and executing this strategy, with a strong focus on promoting mobility access, and equity, and addressing community priorities. LA Metro's Vermont Transit Corridor initiative comprises multiple phases, with mid-term enhancements featuring a 12.4-mile BRT project incorporating upgraded stations, services, and dedicated bus lanes. Upon completion, this project aims to boost transit travel speeds, alleviate congestion on existing routes, and enhance on-time performance. Furthermore, the improvements seek to enhance connectivity with other LA Metro services, including the B and D Lines, the C Line, and the E Line. The joint venture's responsibilities span all project phases, encompassing alternatives analysis, environmental studies, equity, diversity, and inclusion programs, as well as advanced design and engineering services for the BRT. This contract builds upon the successful and longstanding partnership between AECOM, TAHA, and RAW, entities with a track record of contributing to various successful Metro projects, including the Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project, E Line, and Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project.

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