Qualified companies announced for Madinah Bus Rapid Network Project

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Al Madinah Region Development Authority (MDA), in cooperation with the National Center for Privatization & PPP (NCP), has announced the list of qualified companies and consortiums eligible to participate in the Madinah Bus Rapid Network Project in Saudi Arabia.

The qualified companies and consortiums are the following: Hafil, Moventia, SAPTCO, Consortium Arail and ATM, Alsagrupo, ST Engineering, Keolis, Consortium Nesma and Transdev, Al bawani, and Petromin. The BRT project in Al Madinah comprises three corridors.

  1. The first corridor spans from Ohud to Quba Mosque, covering a priority bus guideway of 16.2 km, with 12 stations and two park-and-ride facilities.
  2. The second corridor starts from the Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport, passes by the Prophet’s Mosque, and extends to the Miqat Mosque, covering a guideway of 38 km, with 24 stations and 3 park-and-ride facilities.
  3. The third corridor runs from the East Terminus of Al-Qassim Road to Prince Abdul Majeed Mosque, covering a priority bus guideway of 10.4 km, with 10 stations and one park-and-ride facility.

Moreover, there are feeder bus systems comprising 3 km loops around stations, utilizing a fleet of approximately 160 buses to connect passengers to the BRT and priority bus services. Additionally, there is a circulator bus fleet of around 28 buses operating within specific residential zones, primarily designed to transport passengers from their residences to the rapid transit network. This project is anticipated to be the inaugural BRT network in Saudi Arabia established in collaboration with the private sector and the sole one in Al Madinah catering to both the city's residents and the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

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