RFP Issued for Jazan Small Sewage Treatment Plant and Collection Network project in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) announced that it has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the ‘Small Sewage Treatment Plant (SSTP) and Collection Network (CN) for Jazan Cluster’ project.

SWPC has announced a competitive process to choose a developer or a developer consortium for the development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, and implementation of both SSTPs and the Collection Network. The selected developer(s) will also be responsible for the ownership, operation, maintenance, and transfer of the SSTPs, along with associated infrastructure and facilities. After construction, the Collection Network will be transferred to the National Water Company (NWC). 

Originally, the project was planned to include 20 SSTPs with a combined capacity of 104,500 m3/day. The SSTPs were to have varying capacities, ranging from 1,000 m3/day to 5,000 m3/day. Additionally, the project would include associated Collection Networks with a length of approximately 1,500 km, with the length of individual networks ranging from 7 km to 415 km. However, the combined treatment capacity was later increased to 134,400 m3/day, while the number of SSTPs was reduced to 16.

The project is expected to start commercial operations in Q3 of 2023.

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