Three transit projects in Los Angeles could be awarded on P3 basis to meet deadline

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Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority in the USA is considering three railway projects in Los Angeles for implementation on a P3 model. The three projects are:

  • West Santa Ana Branch light-rail project
  • Light rail East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor
  • Sepulveda Pass project on Public-Private Partnership model.

Los Angeles Metro is committed to the “Twenty-Eight by ‘28” initiative which involves completing 28 projects before 2028 Olympic games.

“We’re looking to complete as much of these projects as possible by the 2028 Olympics. The potential for phasing these projects is something that we’re looking at because if you’re building a portion of a line, it’s less costly and from a schedule perspective you can get it done more quickly,” Meade said.

Earlier these projects were set to use a Project Development Agreement (PDA) model, but to meet the deadlines the authority is considering to adopt PPP procurement.

Los Angeles Metro senior executive officer Rick Meade said: "We haven’t made a final decision on any of them yet to develop them as P3. Right now we’re in a value for money analysis and we’re looking at risk, risk transfer and the cost of that risk transfer and depending on how that analysis comes out, if it makes good business sense for Metro to proceed with those, then we will proceed with them as a P3."

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