Two road concessions in Argentina reach commercial close

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The first two concessions in the Argentinian Ministry of Transport's Network of Highways and Safe Routes​, which covers 7,277km of road and requires more than US$12.5 billion investment, have reached commercial close.

A consortium comprised of Paolini Hermanos, Vial Agro and INC has signed the concession contract for road corridor A, which involves the construction of 116km of highway in Buenos Aires province, and conversion of 270km to safe route, both sections of National Route (NR) 3. The consortium will also adapt sections of NR 226 to a semi highway and 174km to a safe route. 

Highways will have two 3.65m lanes each way, a 1.8m hard shoulder and a central reservation. Safe routes will have one 3.65m lane each way, a 1.8m hard shoulder and a third 3.65m lane alternating sides. 

Jose Cartellone Construcciones Civiles SA (Cartellone) has signed the contract for road corridor A. The company will construct and upgrade sections of  NR 7 and NR 33, located in the province of Mendoza.

The two contracts are worth US$2.4 billion. The concessionaires, which were awarded the projects in April, now have 12 months to reach financial close.

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