UK council launches tender for museum redevelopment

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The Isle of Wight Council is seeking a partner or consortia to assist in developing the Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown. Sandown is a resort town located in the south-east coast of the Isle of Wight, England. The purpose of this museum development is to create a nationally important visitor destination within Sandown; enhancing the museum’s appeal as an attraction, and further developing its potential as an important regional educational center and a world-class scientific resource.

The partner is needed for improvement of physical facilities and establishes a long-term governance. The council is looking for a partner from private, public and voluntary organizations, or a mixed consortium. The term of the contract will be determined by selection process, while the authority is ready to issue a lease for up to 125 years.

The tender submission deadline is 30/10/2018. The process will be based on a multi-stage “competitive procedure with negotiation”. At each stage of the process, bidders will be assessed based on information submitted and some may be eliminated if they do not score sufficiently against the criteria. The bidders remaining at the appropriate stage will be invited to submit final tenders.

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