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Bayerische Landesbank (Bayern LB)

Description:Bayerische Landesbank (Bayern LB)

BayernLB or Bayerische Landesbank (Bavarian State Bank) is a publicly regulated bank based in Munich, Germany.. With a balance of €416 billion and 19,200 employees (in the group; 5,170 in the bank itself), it is the eighth-largest financial institution in Germany.

As a commercial bank, BayernLB offers private and commercial customers a universal range of services in private, industrial, investment and foreign business. This includes loans, securities trading and asset management, as well as mid-term and long-term bond issuance and securitization. The bank is refinanced through a variety of commercial debenture instruments.



  • Name: Bayerische Landesbank (Bayern LB)
  • Address: Brienner Straße 18
  • City: Munich
  • Country: Germany
  • Region: Europe
  • Phone: +49 89 2171-01
  • Website:

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