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Description:Eiser Infrastructure Partners

EISER is a London headquartered multinational asset manager specialising in deploying and managing equity and debt instruments in the real assets class. EISER also has a representative office in Johannesburg.

Founded in 2005 as part of a stand-alone initiative developed by ABN AMRO Bank, a leader in project financing, EISER today is an independent, wholly Partner-owned asset manager.

EISER has a particular focus in the following infrastructure sectors: energy, principally distribution and renewables power-generation; environmental services, mainly in the water and waste management sector; commercial transportation assets, such as city airports; and social infrastructure, particularly new-build development projects.

EISER currently manages real assets with a total enterprise value of over €4 billion, for its fund and managed co-investment products. Throughout the challenging markets that have defined the post-2007 financial era, EISER has raised over €2 billion in financing and overseen over €1.5 billion of project capital expenditure.

EISER is developing a satellite office in Poland.


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