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Partners Group AG is a global private markets management firm with over €30 billion in investment programs under management in private equity,private debt, private real estate and private infrastructure. The firm manages a broad range of funds, structured products and customized portfolios for an international clientele of institutional investors, private banks and other financial institutions.

Founded in 1996, the firm is based in Zug, Switzerland with offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, São Paulo, Guernsey, Paris, Luxembourg, Munich, Dubai, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney. Partners Group is a joint stock company under Swiss law, listed on the Swiss Exchange since its 2006 initial public offering (minority floating). As of today, the majority of the shares is held by all employees and partners. Founding partners are Alfred Gantner, Marcel Erni and Urs Wietlisbach.


  • Name: Partners Group
  • Address: Zugerstrasse 576341 Baar
  • City: Zug
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Region: Europe
  • Phone: +41 41 784 60 00
  • Website:

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