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Description:SNC-Lavalin Group

 SNC-Lavalin is one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world, and a major player in the ownership of infrastructure and in the provision of operations and maintenance services. SNC-Lavalin companies provide engineering, procurement, construction, project management and project financing services to a variety of industry sectors, including agrifood, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, hydrocarbons & chemicals, environment, heavy construction, mass transit, mining and metallurgy, power and water management.

Founded in 1911, SNC-Lavalin has been active internationally for 50 years, establishing a multicultural network that spans every continent. The SNC-Lavalin companies have offices across Canada and in over 35 other countries around the world and are currently working in some 100 countries.



  • Name: SNC-Lavalin Group
  • Address: 455 René-LévesqueBlvd. West
  • City: Montreal, Quebec
  • Country: Canada
  • Region: North America
  • Website:

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