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Westpac  is an Australian bank and financial-services provider headquartered in Sydney. It is one of Australia's big four banks and is also the second-largest bank in New Zealand.

As of November 2011, Westpac had 12.2 million customers. Customers include governments, property, financial institutions, and medium to large corporates. In the Australian market, WIB holds a prominent position in providing banking services amongst the big four Australian banks and global investment banks, with an increasing presence in the Asia/Pacific region. Business units within WIB include Corporate and Institutional Banking, Global Transactional Services, Capital and Loan Markets, Financial Markets, Equities, Funds Management, International Operations, WIB Finance, WIB Risk, and WIB Technology.



  • Name: Westpac Bank
  • Address: 275 Kent St
  • City: Sydney
  • Country: Australia
  • Region: Oceania
  • Phone: +61 13 20 32
  • Website:

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