Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID)

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The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, or AECID) is the Spanish government agency responsible for managing international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. AECID operates under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation of Spain. 

Key points about the AECID:

  1. Mission: AECID's primary mission is to contribute to the fight against poverty and inequality globally through international development cooperation projects and programs. It aims to promote sustainable development and improve the living conditions of people in less developed countries.

  2. Development Cooperation: AECID coordinates and implements Spain's development cooperation policies and initiatives. This includes providing financial and technical assistance to partner countries, and supporting projects in various sectors such as education, health, infrastructure, and governance.

  3. Humanitarian Aid: In addition to development cooperation, AECID plays a significant role in providing humanitarian aid in response to emergencies, including natural disasters, conflicts, and other crises. The agency works to alleviate the suffering of affected populations and contribute to their recovery.

  4. International Partnerships: AECID collaborates with a range of international organizations, other donor countries, and non-governmental organizations to maximize the impact of its development and humanitarian efforts. This collaboration is essential for addressing global challenges effectively.

  5. Coordination and Policy Development: The agency is involved in the coordination and formulation of Spain's policies related to international development cooperation. It works to align its activities with international development goals and strategies.

  6. Cultural and Educational Cooperation: AECID is also engaged in cultural and educational cooperation, promoting understanding and collaboration between Spain and other countries. This includes supporting cultural exchange programs, scholarships, and initiatives that strengthen educational ties.

  7. Funding Mechanisms: AECID manages funds and resources allocated to international development cooperation and humanitarian aid. These funds may come from the Spanish government, international partnerships, and contributions from various stakeholders.

  8. Global Presence: AECID operates through its headquarters in Madrid and has a network of offices and representations in partner countries, facilitating direct engagement and coordination on the ground.

AECID's work reflects Spain's commitment to contributing to global development efforts and addressing humanitarian challenges. It operates within the framework of international development goals and principles of solidarity and cooperation.

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