Preferred bidder in place for Goiania light rail PPP

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Preferred bidder in place for Goiania light rail PPP

Goiás state selected the Anhanguera Mobility consortium of Odebrecht TransPort (90%) and city bus operators (10%) to develop the Goiânia - Anhanguera light rail line on December 9.

Anhanguera Mobility was the only bidder for the project. The group requested an annual payment of R$58.2 million, 17% lower than the maximum annual payment set in the tender documents.

According to local sources, nine companies bought tender documents, including CCR, OAS and CR Almeida but they finally didn't submit proposals. This contract would be the fourth public transport PPP contract in the last months receiving only one bid, after only a consortium bid for Rio de Janeiro light train PPPSão Paulo metro Line 6 PPP and Salvador de Bahia metro PPP contract.

The 35-year build-operate-maintain PPP concession for Goiânia - Anhanguera light rail line includes 24 months for construction.

The estimated investment for the project is R$1,3 billion (US$575 million) and the government will provide with a grant of R$805 million (US$356 million). R$ 390 million will be provided by the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES); R$ 215 million by Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento (PAC) and R$ 200 million will come from special funding for the project.

The private partner will invest R$495 million (US$225 million).

The Government first published the project announcement on June 21st, 2013. However, this announcement was suspended due to administrative reasons and by recommendation of the Controladoria Geral do Estado, who proposed modifications to the tender documents. In October, Goias state re-launched the tender process.

The 13·6 km line will have 12 stops and will be operated by a fleet of 30 pairs of 33 m long LRVs. Ridership is expected to be 240 000 passengers/day in the first year of operation. It will replace the current bus corridor Eixo-Anhanguera, that crosses the capital from east to west.

Odebrecht continues winning privately financed projects as the company successfully bid during the last months for:

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