São Paulo awards airport package

São Paulo awards airport package

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The consortium Voa São Paulo has been awarded the concession contract to operate five airports in São Paulo, Brazil. The company offered a bid of BRL24.4 million (US$7.8 million) which represents a 101% of the minimum award amount.

The winner consortium is comprised of the following companies:

  • Terracom Construções Ltda.
  • MPE Engenharia e Serviços S.A. 
  • ALC Participações e Administração Eireli 
  • Nova Ubatuba Empreendimentos e Participações LTDA.
  • Estrutural Concessões de Rodovias Ltda.

The portfolio of airports include:

  • Aeroporto Estadual Campo do Amarais (Campinas). It operates with general aviation (executive and air taxi). It has a track of 1,650 m, passenger terminal with 230 m² and parking with capacity for 50 vehicles. It is located eight kilometers from the city center. In 2015, 9,753 passengers and 49,385 aircraft were registered.
  • Aeroporto Estadual Artur Siqueira (Bragança Paulista). It has a 1,200 m runway, passenger terminal with 225 m², and parking for 76 vehicles. The airport, which is located three kilometers from the city center, meets the demands of executive flights. In 2015, it moved 36,624 passengers and 37,121 aircraft.
  • Aeroporto Estadual Comandante Rolim Adolfo Amaro (Jundiaí). It has a 1,400 m runway, a passenger terminal with 500 m² and parking for 50 vehicles. It is located seven kilometers away from the center of Jundiaí. The operations are of executive flights, and in 2015, received 11,674 passengers and 81,211 aircraft.
  • Aeroporto Estadual Antônio Ribeiro Nogueira Jr. (Itanhaém). It has a 1,350 meter runway, 1,560 m² passenger terminal (500 m² of Daesp and 1,060 m² of Petrobras base) and parking for 50 vehicles. It is located three kilometers from the city center. Last year, it received 14,379 passengers and 15,044 aircraft.
  • Aeroporto Estadual Gastão Madeira (Ubatuba). Received 3,260 passengers and 3,446 aircraft in 2015. The aerodrome runway has 940 m, passenger terminal with 70 m² and parking for 15 vehicles.

This is one of the few infrastructure projects in the country that opens up possibilities for participation for small investors. The second offer for the lot was Gran Petro Distribuidora de Combustíveis Ltda. In the amount of BRL 12,6

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