Bahia launches light rail P3 in Salvador

Bahia launches light rail P3 in Salvador

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The State of Bahia, through the Ministry of Urban Development (SEDUR), has launched the tender process for Salvador light train project under PPP scheme.

The project involves the implementation of a Light Rail Vehicle System between Parada Comércio and Parada São Luís de Paripe, with a total length of approximately 18.5 km. The construction will be carried out in two phases: Comércio - Plataforma (9.4km) and Plataforma - São Luiz (9.1km).

The line will have a commercial speed of 25km/h and a maximum operating speed of 70km/h with a forecasted daily ridership of 92,800 passengers.

The total investment for the project is estimated to reach around US$1.5 billion. The term of the contract shall extent for 30 years.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • The implementation of a new stretch of light rail corridor, linking the Old Center from the Bairro do Comércio, near the Elevador Lacerda and the Mercado Modelo to the Parada da Calçada.
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of the permanent route, passing to the International 1,435 mm gauge and implanting all the necessary systems in the stretch of the obsolete railway between the Parada Calçada and Paripe.
  • Development of the new Light Rail Vehicle System between the Paripe and São Luís, as well as the construction of the Parada São Luís.

The deadline for submission of proposals is June 30.

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