OAS to prepare Feasibility Study of sanitation project in Espiritu Santo

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OAS to prepare Feasibility Study of sanitation project in Espiritu Santo

The Municipality of Vila Velha, in Brazillian state of Espírito Santo, authorized OAS Soluções Ambientais S.A to develop a feasibility study to design a public-private partnership (PPP) for a sanitation project.

The Request for Expressions of Interest (PMI) was launched on October 3, 2013. Only OAS submitted an expression of interest to develop the feasibility study of the project .

The initial deadline for the completion of feasibility studies was 120 days after the authorization, but recently the deadline was extended by 60 days. The final submission of the studies will be in early April.

The feasibility study must include a diagnosis of current systems and services, a demand and engineering study considering the estimated 30 year concession, a study of economic and financial viability, the financing alternatives and a business model.

The maximum value for reimbursement of feasibility studies is limited to 2.5 % of the estimated total amount required to implement the project, value that may not exceed the amount of R$5 million.

Vila Velhais a coastal town in Espírito Santo, Brazil. It lies across from Vitória, the state capital. Its population is about 420 000 and its area is 208.82 km². Vila Velha forms part of the Greater Vitória metropolitan area.

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