South Ottawa mulls P3 for hockey arena

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South Ottawa mulls P3 for hockey arena

Steve Desroches, a local politician, is seeking support to develop a hockey arena through a PPP project in the south of Ottawa, Canada.

The CAD$60 million complex is scheduled to be constructed in 2018 but Steve Desroches wants to advance the timetable with help from the private sector.

Desroches said a P3 could also reduce the city's operating budget for such a facility.

The east and west ends of Ottawa each have a Sensplex (Hockey League) arena and Mr. Desroches is shooting for a similar recreation facility in the south.

A local council will vote on May 14 on studying the P3 option. If it passes, a feasibility report would come back by mid-2015.

According to official reports on potential public-private-partnership for planned recreational complex in southeast Ottawa which was submitted on 23 April 2014:

Investigating the feasibility of building this much-needed facility as a P3 will provide the 2014-2018 City Council with an alternative option for constructing and operating the planned facility. Further, using a P3 approach could help reduce operating pressures on the city's recreational budget as well as the DC-funded growth budget. In addition, a phased approach to construction could also assist in meeting service demands and transitioning the operating costs over a multi-year budget horizon.

Public-private partnerships offer the City of Ottawa the opportunity to serve current growth needs and reduce annual operating pressures. The City of Ottawa has successfully partnered with the local private sector to operate the Bell Sensplex in West Ottawa and the Richcraft Sensplex in East Ottawa and Public-Private-Partnership (P3) elements are a key part of Ottawa's largest infrastructure project the Confederation Line LRT.

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