The only bid for US$ 1.27 billion bridge project in Brazil

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The only bid for US$ 1.27 billion bridge project in Brazil

The government of the Brazilian state of Bahia has received a single bid from a consortium of China Communications Construction Company (ACC) and China Railway 20 Bureau Group (CR20) for its Salvador Itaparica bridge project. The auction for the project will be held today, December 13, 2019.

The project involves the construction, operation, and maintenance of a 12.4km road bridge that will connect Salvador and Itaparica Island, crossing All Saints' Bay, in Bahia, north-east Brazil. The private partner will also deliver access roads from Salvador and Vera Cruz, a municipality that occupies 87% of the island's area, totaling 4.6km, and extend and upgrade of sections of the BA-001 highway totaling 21.4km.

The estimated investment for the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project is BRL 5.3 billion (US$ 1.27 billion), out of which BRL 1.5 billion (US$ 362 million) will come from the public sources of the State of Bahia. In addition to this amount, the state government also intends to pay consideration to the group that will be responsible for the works.

According to the announcement, the value of these installments is precisely the criterion to choose the winner, since the interested party requesting the lowest annual amount wins the bid, with a maximum payment of BRL 56.2 million (USD 13.59 million).


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