3i Infrastructure agrees to sell a further 7.5% stake in Attero

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3i Infrastructure plc has signed an agreement to divest from a 7.5% stake in Attero, the largest waste treatment and disposal company in the Netherlands. The company purchased a 50% stake in the company earlier this year, but has now syndicated 50% of this in the past month.

Earlier in August, 3i Infrastructure signed an agreement to sell a 17.5% interest for EUR71 million (US$82.43 million). This further 7.5% stake is being sold in exchange for around EUR30 million (US$34.83 million).

Following completion of this second syndication transaction, 3i Investments plc, the company’s Investment Adviser, will retain governance over 50% of Attero but 3i Infrastructure’s resulting stake in Attero will be around 25%.

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