AECOM joint venture to support delivery of Kensico–Eastview Connection project in New York

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The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) has selected an AECOM joint venture to provide inspection services for the Kensico – Eastview Connection project in Eastview, New York, USA.

The collaboration will manage the implementation of the Kensico Third Conveyance Tunnel, tasked with supplying water from the Kensico Reservoir to the Catskill-Delaware Ultra Violet (CDUV) Disinfection Facility in Eastview, New York. Engineered to handle a capacity of 2.6 billion gallons daily, this innovative third tunnel aims to enhance water flow into the CDUV before reaching New York City residents. Upon completion, the tunnel will offer redundancy and flexibility to the city’s water supply system, optimizing water movement and providing a dependable backup in case of disruptions to existing supply routes.

Overseeing three concurrent teams, the joint venture will coordinate the project.

  • The first team will manage the delivery of the 2-mile-deep tunnel;
  • The second team will focus on constructing new facilities and connecting to tunnels from both new and existing CDUV facilities in Eastview, and
  • The third team will stabilize the shoreline during delivery and implement wetlands mitigation near the Kensico Reservoir.

Once finalized, this third conveyance tunnel will enable the Kensico Reservoir's capacity to expand and maintain levels, particularly during ongoing work on a separate reservoir in Hillview. This initiative is part of a broader NYCDEP effort to upgrade and modernize the city's aging water supply infrastructure. By establishing an additional hydraulic link to the Eastview UV Facility, the New York City water supply system gains enhanced protection if the Delaware Aqueduct is temporarily unavailable.

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