Bids Invited for multi-level parking at GIFT City in Gandhinagar

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GIFT City authorities have announced that they will award a contract for multi-level parking and develop commercial space above the parking levels to the lowest bidder in Gandhinagar, Gujrat, India.

GIFT City lacks sufficient parking infrastructure, resulting in parked vehicles on the roads. The authorities plan to build a multi-level parking complex for 1,150 cars and have invited bids for the project. A multi-level building that combines parking and commercial spaces is planned for a 6,600 sq m plot near the GIFT-I and GIFT-II towers and is anticipated to have a height of 122m. 

Some of the notable developments include the construction of office towers, residential complexes, and a multi-level parking-cum-commercial building. Additionally, the city is also working on developing infrastructure such as roads, power supply, and water treatment plants. Overall, the project was progressing steadily and attracting interest from various investors and businesses.

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