California High speed rail line PPP project to start operation in 2023

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The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has announced that California High speed rail line public private partnership (PPP) project between Los Angeles and Las Vegas (XpressWest) will be ready to proceed in 2023. 

The project includes the development of a 145-km long high-speed railway line connecting Palmdale, Los Angeles, and Victorville, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. The project would include three stops along a 49-mile stretch of land along the Interstate 15 corridor. The railway system should reduce the automobile traffic between Los Angeles and Vegas by 3 million cars a year and the transportation of passengers at a speed of about 180 miles will take a little more than 2 hours. The project will create up to 1000 permanent jobs in Los Angeles and Vegas.

Rail operator Brightline provides a proposal of US$8 billion and is reponsible for costruction of the project. The Federal Department of Transportation has already provided bonds of US$1 billion. 

Project operations are planned to be launched in 2026 or 2027, depending on the start date.


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