Construction advances for Coronel Oviedo bypass on route 2

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The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) of Paraguay has announced the progress in the construction for Coronel Oviedo variant bypass in Caaguazú Department, Paraguay.

The bypass is part of the duplication and expansion works of the PY02 route. Currently construction of drainage, soil movement and structure foundation is in progress. Furthermore, the works on the links with the PY08 route are also being implemented. The 9.6 km long Coronel Oviedo variant begins connects with route PY02 at km 136.9. The bypass will have 2 carriageways separated by medians with 2 lanes, one of 3.5 meters and shoulders of 2.5 meters.

At this stage of the project, three variants are underway in Coronel Oviedo, Itacurubí and in the city of Caacupé, department of Cordillera. The works undertaken in Itavurubi and Caacupe include the construction of an embankment, sewers, and the foundation of structures for the overpass to Cabañas and the intersection with the Tobatí route. 6.8 km long Itacurubí de la Cordillera variant connects at km 92.3 of route PY02.

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