Contract notice for kindergarten PPP

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The contracting authority City of Hannover issued a contract notice for the works of Planning and construction of 3-daycare centers in Hanover within the framework of a PPP model. The three locations of daycare centers are Kleefeld, davenstedt, badenstedt. 

The procurement method chosen for the contract is turnkey PPP. Daycare center should be created in passive house standard. The redesign of the outdoor facilities is also part of the contract. In addition to these construction works, which include the demolition of existing buildings in 2 kita locations, the private partner will provide all necessary planning services and maintenance within the extended warranty period on the basis of a functional service description with room program. Financing services include construction bridge financing and a proportionate final financing.

The invitation to tender is in lots, with one bidder having to submit offers to all lots. The bidders can bid on a total lot, which includes all 3 kindergartens. The client reserves the right to separate the lots separately to different bidders or together.


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