EU Cohesion Policy to invest EUR 1.4 billion in green infra projects

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European Commission has approved an investment package worth more than EUR 1.4 billion (US$ 1.53 billion) of EU funds in 14 large infrastructure projects in 7 Member States, namely Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain. The projects cover several key areas such as environment, health, transport and energy for a smarter, low-carbon Europe.

The investment package will invest:

  • over EUR 119 million (US$ 130.30 million) to finance the purchase of 21 new electric trains to boost service quality, reduce delays and encourage more people to use a sustainable transport type in Croatia;
  • EUR 37 million (US$ 40.5 million) to provide more reliable and efficient energy supply in Czech Republic;
  • EUR 49 million (US$ 53.65 million) to increase flood safety & improving sustainable water management in Hungary;
  • EUR 54 million (US$ 59.120 million) in projects for clean energy and better transport services in Poland;
  • EUR 107 million (US$ 117.62 million) to upgrade public transport in Portugal;
  • EUR 486.6 million (US$ 532.8 million) to provide clean water and better healthcare in Romania;
  • and EUR 265 million (US$ 290.1 million) to provide rail connection in the Atlantic corridor.

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