Final closing announced for KKR Global Impact Fund II (GIF II)

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KKR announced the final closing of KKR Global Impact Fund II (GIF II).

KKR Global Impact Fund II (GIF II) is a substantial US$2.8 billion fund specifically dedicated to investing in companies whose products and services contribute significantly to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This Fund serves as the successor to the initial KKR Global Impact Fund and has been operational since 2018. Since its inception, KKR Global Impact has invested in 18 companies, including GreenCollar, CoolIT, Advanta, Lightcast (formerly Emsi Burning Glass), and CMC Machinery.

The Fund has garnered robust support from a diverse range of investors, such as public pensions, family offices, insurance companies, and other institutional investors, reflecting its broad appeal. KKR, a prominent global investment firm, offers various financial services, including alternative asset management, capital markets solutions, and insurance products. The company is committed to delivering attractive investment returns through a patient and disciplined investment approach. This involves leveraging a team of world-class professionals, fostering growth within its portfolio companies, and supporting communities. KKR sponsors investment funds focusing on private equity, credit, and real assets, and collaborates with strategic partners managing hedge funds. Additionally, KKR's insurance subsidiaries provide retirement, life, and reinsurance products under the management of Global Atlantic Financial Group.

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