Fine imposed on concessionaire of Bucaramanga Pamplona road PPP project

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National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) in Colombia has imposed a fine of COP6.3 billion (US$1.6 million) on the Bucaramanga-Pamplona road concessionaire Autovía Bucaramanga Pamplona SAS.

The concessionaire is fined for failing to comply with their obligations, which also gave rise to a declaration of breach of contract and the compliance policy being encumbered in the event that the Concessionaire does not make the payment. The imposed penalty was appealed by Autovía Bucaramanga Pamplona SAS.

According to the Supervision Office, the concessionaire has completed 11.22% of total construction works compared to the scheduled progress of 95.71%. The project covers 134.2 km road connecting Bucaramanga bypass to Pamplona bypass, passing through municipalities of Piedecuesta, Floridablanca, Bucaramanga, Tona, Santo Domingo de Silos, Mutiscua and Pamplona.

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