Five consortia prequalified for Lake Titicaca wastewater treatment project

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Five consortia have been prequalified for the project concession of the Lake Titicaca wastewater treatment system project in Peru. 

The pre-qualified bidders are:

  • Aguas de Puno Consortium (Spain), formed by the Technical Desalination companies of Aguas SA Branch of Peru - Tedagua SA, and, Acciona Agua SAU
  • Collas Consortium (France), formed by Veolia Servicios Perú SAC companies; y Construcción y Administración SA
  • FCC Aqualia (Spain)
  • Public Works and Services Corporation, COPASA, Branch of Peru (Spain)
  • Consorcio Fypasa Construcciones SA de CV and Operadora de Ecosistemas SA de CV (Mexico), formed by the companies Fypasa Construcciones SA de CV; and Operadora de Ecosistemas SA de CV

The Aguas de Puno Consortium (Spain), although it was the proponent of the project, in this stage has updated all the required documentation and has prequalified, continuing in the tender process.

Four of the five bidders have requested the extension of terms of the tender, mainly to present an appropriate technical proposal and economic offer. In order to preserve the necessary conditions to promote competition, for the benefit of the country, the Board of Directors of ProInversión, through Board of Directors Agreement No. 69-1-2018, approved to extend the term for the award of the project for March 27, 2019.

The contest of integral projects that leads ProInversión will allow to select the company or consortium that will be in charge of the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the PTAR of the localities of Puno, Juliaca Ilave, Ayaviri, Juli and Moho, as well as the operation and maintenance of the WWTP of the localities of Azángaro, Yunguyo, Huancané and Lampa in the Puno region.

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