Funding received for modernization of Toll plazas in Cameroon

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GuarantCo has provided a USD 38.4 million guarantee solution to Société Générale Cameroun (SG) and Société Commerciale de Banque Cameroun (SCB), a subsidiary of Attijariwafa Bank Group, to finance TollCam to support debt for the modernization, operation and maintenance of 14 toll plazas across Cameroon.

The financing comprises a 14-year combined liquidity extension and partial credit guarantee. Tollcam is a project company established by Egis and Fayat.

The project is being developed by the sponsors under a 20-year PPP agreement with the Government of Cameroon (GoC). The combined guarantees will help SG and SCB provide US$52.5 million of long-term debt arranged by Société Générale Côte d’Ivoire to support the toll development project.

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