Tender issued for Chennai Peripheral Ring Road Construction Project in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu Road Infrastructure Development Corporation has issued a tender for the Chennai Peripheral Ring Road (CPRR) Section II & III project in Tamil Nadu, India. 

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and OPEC Fund are financing the following components: 

Component A – Civil Works Construction:

  • Section II (26.1km): This section links to Section I (funded by JICA, civil works are in progress) at Thatchur on National Highway 16 (old NH-5) and Section III at the beginning of Thiruvallur Bypass. The entire Section II is on a new greenfield route. It is divided into two tender packages: EPC-01 (13.3km) and EPC-02 (12.8km).
  • Section III (30.1km): This section connects to Section II at Thiruvallur Bypass and Section IV (already operational) at Sriperumbudur on National Highway 48 (Old NH-4). About 9.6km of Section III involves upgrading the existing State Highway 57 (SH-57) to six lanes, with the remaining part on a new greenfield route. Section III is divided into three EPC packages: EPC-03 (10.4km), EPC-04 (10.0km), and EPC-05 (9.7km). 

Component B – Consulting Services and Capacity Development: (AIIB financing)

  • Project Management Consultant (PMC) – This consultancy comprises tasks linked to overall project management, technical overview, and overall monitoring (technical, progress, and financial), tracking, and reporting. It will also report on overall project expenditures, including various consultancies.
  • Construction Supervision Consultants (CSCs) – Each section (sections II and III) will have a separate CSC. The CSC’s role will be to review contractor’s submissions, monitor construction progress, and quality assurance, and review progress reports during implementation and a one-year post-construction period. Each CSC will have a road safety specialist to ensure that the EPC designs submitted include road safety measures that adequately mitigate road safety risks.
  • Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement Action Plan Monitoring Consultant (LARRMC) - This consulting service has been obtained to assist the Project Management Unit (PMU) and Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in monitoring and evaluating all phases of land acquisition, as well as the implementation of rehabilitation and resettlement action plans. 

The tender deadline is November 16, 2023. More information about this tender can be found on our Business Opportunity page here

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