Three consortia shortlisted for Irish Higher Education PPP Programme

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The Government of Ireland through the National Development Finance Agency has shortlisted three consortia for the development of a Higher Education PPP Programme.

The shortlisted bidders are as follows :

  1. BAM PPP PGGM (BAM PPP PGGM, BAM Building Ltd., BAM FM Ireland Ltd.)
  2. Enbarr (Macquarie Corporate Holdings PTY Ltd, JJ Rhatigan & Company, FCC Construccion S.A., Sodexo Ireland Ltd.)
  3. EquiSisk (Equitix Ltd., Sisk PPP Investments Ltd., John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd., Sensori Facilities Management Ltd.)

The project involves the design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance of a number of new buildings and centers at Higher Education Institutions in Ireland.

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