Unsolicited proposal for I-25 Toll road PPP project in Colorado

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The Colorado Department of Transportation has received an unsolicited proposal from Roadis USA Holding for the expansion and improvement project along the stretch of Interstate 25. The road is divided into eight segments, and the proposal covers management, improvements and expansion between Segment 2 and Segment 5, with the majority of work occurring in Segment 5. The plan includes the following adding:

  • Auxiliary lanes and other safety and congestion enhancements in Segment 2 (from U.S. 36 to 120th Avenue);
  • New bridge and transit hub at 88th Avenue;
  • The extension of express lanes in Segments 3 (from E-470 to Colo. 7) and 4 (Colo. 7 to Colo. 66);
  • The extension of express lanes in Segment 5 (Colo. 66 at north Longmont to Colo. 56 at Berthoud).

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