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Aéroports de Paris as created as a government-owned corporation in 1945 but became a public company on 20 April 2005, although the French government and the Ile-De-France region have kept stakes in the company. The operations of the Group are divided into five segments:

- Aeronautical activities. Include all of the operations carried out by Groupe ADP as airport manager three main airports with respect to the circulation of passenger and cargo.

- Shops and services. Business activities (shops, restaurants, parking, car rental companies, rentals in terminals) and the activities of joint ventures for commercial distribution in airports (Société de Distribution Aéroportuaire, and Relay@ADP).

- Real estate. Activity includes airport property (aircraft maintenance hangars, cargo terminals at the first edge or industrial areas) and real estate diversification (offices, hotels, shops, and business and logistic locations).

- Airport investment. Activity encompasses all shareholdings foreign airports (Schiphol,TAV Airports, all ADP Management's stakeholdings).

- Other activities. Activities segment covers all activities carried out by Groupe ADP subsidiaries, which operate in areas as varied as security services, or telephony: Hub Safe and Hub One.


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