Polish municipality tenders retirement house through PPP

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Polish municipality tenders retirement house through PPP

Poland's municipality of Bobolice has launched a contract notice for the development of a retirement home through a PPP project.

The scope of the project should be implemented in stages, the first stage involving the development of a complex for about 100 peopleThe remaining stages include the development a 550 people facility.

The PPP project also involves the development of medical facilities, guest house, and rehabilitation facilities, which include a rehabilitation pool, treatment rooms, and training rooms.

The project will be located in Bobolicach, on a 14.6916 hectares plot. Land is owned by the municipality of Bobolice.

The project will be developed on a design, build, finance, operation and maintenance (DBFOM) basis.

The project investment has an estimated value of €5.2 million (US$7 million). 

Interested parties must submit their applications on or before 9 September 2014. All the applications must be submitted in Polish.

See contract notice (Polish):


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