SAAB signs water PPP project in small city in the state of Rio

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SAAB signs water PPP project in small city in the state of Rio

Saneamento Ambiental Águas do Brasil (SAAB), which operates 12 concession contracts in Brazil, has signed a R$83 million (US$35 million) waterworks public-private partnership with the city of Paraty in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state.

The investment will be R$85 (US$35 million) million during the first 4 years and R$145 (US$ 60.6 million) million in 30 years.

The project involves the construction of a three water treatment plants with a capacity of 60l/s two of them and 11l/s the other. In addition, a  sewage treatment plant (STP) of 134 liters per second, 22 pump station and more than 70km of sewage collection network will be built.

Currently, only a small part of the population pays for water services. In the new model, water meters will be installed on all connections which will allow a fair charge for the service. 

The project will end the dumping of untreated sewage in local rivers and will allow the entire urban area to have potable water supply as well as sewage collection and treatment services within five years.

Paraty, with a population of about 36,000, is located on the Costa Verde (Green Coast), a lush, green corridor that runs along the coastline of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Paraty has become a popular tourist destination in recent years, renowned for the historic town and the coast and mountains in the region.

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