4 Companies Prequalified for Peru - Ecuador Transmission Line project

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The Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (PROINVERSIÓN) has informed that the international public tender for the 500 kV Transmission Line project Piura Nueva Substation – Frontera, has 4 prequalified bidders.

The following companies have prequalified: 

  • Celeo Redes, SL
  • Cobra Facility and Services SA
  • Electrical Interconnection  SAESP
  • Alupar Peru SAC

The Comprehensive Peru-Ecuador Interconnection project entails the development of a 500 kV Transmission Line, known as La Línea, which will connect the Chorrillos Substation in Ecuador with the La Niña Substation in Peru. The project also involves the construction of two additional intermediate substations: SE Pasaje in Ecuador and SE Piura Nueva in Peru.

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