Besix team nears finish line on Rotterdam’s new ring road

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The De Groene Boog (The Green Arch) consortium building the new A16 ring road around northern Rotterdam has nearly finished the giant Terbregseplein flyover.

A fresh expressway and an energy-efficient tunnel incorporate innovative solutions for its power needs, heating, and illumination. Lighting will be optimized for safety, with natural light entering through grilles and fiberglass panels whenever possible. Additionally, specialized LED lighting will be implemented. To enhance visibility, the tunnel entrance will feature light-colored lanes and walls to maximize reflection. All systems and installations will operate on DC voltage, a more sustainable and reliable system compared to AC voltage, marking a first for a project of this scale. Solar panels, covering approximately 20,000 square meters per tunnel, will provide energy, while excess heat will be stored underground and released as needed. These measures will result in a 47% reduction in energy consumption. Noise pollution will be mitigated through the use of dual-layer fine porous asphalt (ZOAB) on the A16 road surface, noise barriers, and earth embankments. Surrounding areas will be redesigned and linked by bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Collaborating with Besix on the project are Dura Vermeer, Van Oord, John Laing, Rebel, and TBI. Besix is overseeing the final segment of the flyover, slated for completion in mid-May 2024. The A16 is expected to reopen to traffic by the end of 2024.

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