Bidding specifications published for La Dorada - Chiriguaná railway corridor project in Colombia

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National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) has published the specifications for the bidding for the La Dorada (Caldas) - Chiriguaná (Cesar) railway corridor project in Colombia.

The company selected will be responsible for the conservation and improvement of the railway corridor, and the control and maintenance of the locomotives that are currently in operation. In addition to other considerations, this public work will design and intervene at vulnerable places, provide emergency care while it is in operation, and monitor the entire corridor.

With the help of the ANI, the Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN) is moving forward with the formation of a Public-Private Association for this corridor. This association will have a 10-year concession and will be responsible for building an administrative building, a centre for cargo transfer in the municipality of La Dorada, maintaining the infrastructure and rolling stock, and installing a new traffic control system that will make the operation safer and more effective.

The project will benefit nearly 400,000 people and generates around 1,500 jobs.


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