Bids for Lower Silesia Region Roads at least 6x over budget

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Polish government has received 6-times over budget bids for the Lower Silesia road PPP.  The 3 shortlisted bidding teams who bid for the projects are North consortium, Brooklet Investments and an unknown Turkish Developer.

The Lower Silesia Region Roads project (Dolnoslaska Voivodship PPP) involves the reconstruction and upgrading of a network of approximately 111 km of regional roads in the province of Lower Silesia in Poland. The road network to be financed is located in the vicinity of Wroclaw and partly forms a alternative route for the A4 motorway.

 The project will improve traffic conditions on a TEN-T road corridor (Core TEN-T Baltic – Adriatic). The project is expected to reduce the existing road bottlenecks, reduce congestion, and increase load-bearing capacity, thus generating time and vehicle operating-cost savings. 

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