BNDES to fund BR-101/116/290/386/448 road concession

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The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) in Brazil has approved funding of BRL 1.24 billion (US$ 0.3 billion) for CCR to invest in BR-101/116/290/386/448 road concession. The estimated investment for a concession is BRL 5 billion (US$ 1.23 billion).

The concession comprises a total length of 608 km, including the stretch of BR-101 between the border with RS/SC and Osório/RS; BR-116, between the junction with BR-290 (B) (to Arroio dos Ratos) and the junction with BR-470/RS-350 (to Camaquã); BR-290, between Osório/RS and the junction with BR-116 (to Guaíba) and BR-386 between the junction with BR-116 (B)/290 (Porto Alegre) and the junction with BR-377 (A) (to Carazinho), with a view to duplicating the Produção Motorway until Carazinho, duplicating the Porto Alegre-Camaquã stretch and guaranteeing quality on the Freeway. BR- 448 connects the city of Sapucaia do Sul and Porto Alegre.

The concession period for the project is 30 years. The project will provide expansion of capacity and improvements of a highway, increasing logistics integration in the state of Rio Grande do Sul; increase in road safety and reduction in accidents; 24-hour service; assistance in emergency situations; and pre-hospital medical care throughout the highway. 

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