Brazil to launch Parana Highways concession megaproject

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The ministry of infrastructure in Brazil and the state of Parana has launched the Parana Highways concession which involves 3,327 kilometers of highways subdivided into six lots. This will be the largest highway concession project in Brazil. The authorities are under process to define the adjustments to the model that will be used for the concession in order to guarantee a fair tariff and the expansion of the capacity of the state's road network.

The concession is expected to bring BRL42 billion (US$7.98 billion) in direct investments and BRL34 billion (US$6.46 billion) for operation and maintenance for the highways. The planned works involve 1,783 kilometers of doubling of lanes; 253 kilometers of additional lanes; 104 kilometers of third lanes; 260 kilometers of marginal roads; 11 new urban contours; 195 new pedestrian overpasses and 1,000 intersections and special works of art (OAE), such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels, and trenches. The concession will also improve the safety and comfort of the users by developing 11 rest stops, three new exhaust areas as well as 19 new User Service (SAU) posts and facilities such as LED lighting, Wi-Fi, and emergency call applications throughout the highways.

The highways included in the LOTs of the concession are as following:

  • LOT 1: BR-277, BR-373, BR-376, BR-476, PR-418, PR-423, and PR-427 highways
  • LOT 2: BR-153, BR-277, BR-369, BR-373, PR-092, PR-151, PR-239, PR-407, PR-508 and PR-855 highways
  • LOT 3: BR-369, BR-376, PR-090, PR-170, PR-323, and PR-445 highways
  • LOT 4: BR-272, BR-369, BR-376, PR-182, PR-272, PR-317, PR-323, PR-444, PR-862, PR-897 and PR-986 highways
  • LOT 5: BR-158, BR-163, BR-369, BR-467, and PR-317 highways
  • LOT 6: BR-163, BR-277, R-158, PR-180, PR-182, PR-280, and PR-483 highways

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