Concessionaire for La Ruta del Sol 3 start receiving Payments

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After a year and a half of consultation and review by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), the Ministry of Transportation, the concessionaire YUMA SA, the project audit, managed to reactivate the works of the Ruta del Sol project, sector 3, which includes 465 kilometers of the San Roque - Bosconia - Ciénaga and Valledupar - Bosconia - Carmen de Bolívar corridors.

The reactivation occurs with the signing of the other contract and a transaction contract between ANI and Concessionaire YUMA SA, which contemplates the extension of the term for the construction stage to 56 months, without affecting the final date of the concession and the obtaining by the concessionaire of a credit contract for COP 400,000 million (US$ 97.42 million) that guarantees the financing of the works and the payment of the claims of Constructora Ariguaní to the suppliers, which amounts to COP 128,000 million (US$ 31.17  million).

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