Construction of piles for Bioceánica bridge 65% completed

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The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) has announced that piling for the Bioceanica Bridge, which connects the cities of Carmelo Peralta (Paraguay) and Puerto Murtinho (Brazil), is 65% complete.

The pile construction progress covers from support 1 to support 13, which is the pylon of the cable-stayed bridge. The bridge will have a total length of approximately 1,300 m divided into three sections. Two of them constitute the access viaducts on both banks of the Paraguay River, plus the 630 m cable-stayed one that will be in the middle. On the Paraguayan side, the pile construction process has been achieved at 65%, and the progress of the construction of the bridge piers is estimated at 50%. A total of 300 piles are planned to be built, which are reinforced concrete cylinders used as the foundation of the bridge at varying depths of 33 to 43 meters and embedded in a rock mass called shale. To connect the piles, heads are built, which are structural elements made of reinforced concrete of considerable volume and rigidity.

Itaipu Binacional fully finances the construction of the bridge in the amount of PYG616.83 million (US$83 million). The bridge is being built by the PYBRA consortium. The bridge is a key link in the so-called bio-ocean route, which will allow ports located in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to interact, contributing to the development of various countries in South America.


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