Construction progress on Urban lot of Eastern Metropolitan Corridor in Paraguay

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The Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) has announced 53% of the Construction progress on the Urban lot of Eastern Metropolitan Corridor in Paraguay.

The progress work includes:

  • the embankment, construction of the structural package, drainage works and complementary works;
  • access construction to the National Navigation and Ports Administration (ANNP);
  • the road access to the 2nd Bridge over the Paraná River; and
  • the rural access link up to the Presidente Franco city's temporary service roads' strengthening and the intersection with the future Monday River bridge.

There are 6 contracts for the Eastern Metropolitan Corridor, 3 of which are for road development in the rural sector (lots 1 and 2) and the urban portion, which is the connection to the current network in Presidente Franco. Other contracts for civil works, totaling US$212 million, include those for the Primary Zone and the Port Terminal, as well as one for building a 2nd bridge over the Monday River.

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