Dredging Contract awarded for Port of NEOM in Saudi Arabia

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The NEOM Authority has awarded the second phase of transformation work for the Port of NEOM in northwest Saudi Arabia.

Situated in Oxagon, the Port of NEOM holds a strategic position along the Red Sea coast and is near the adjacent Suez Canal, a crucial passageway for 13% of global trade. Serving as a pivotal facilitator for NEOM's overall development, operations, and economic aspirations, the port will play a vital role in importing goods and materials during the project's development phase. It is envisioned to evolve into a prominent global port catering to the region's needs.

DEME, in collaboration with the international marine construction group Archirodon, will jointly undertake the dredging contract. This initiative aims to create the basin essential for vessels to dock at the Port of NEOM, with the project set to commence in December 2023.

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