Final close for SWIFT 2 impact fund at USD620 million

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SWEN Capital (SWEN), a European private equity firm has held the final close of the infrastructure fund, SWIFT 2, an impact fund dedicated to renewable gas investments at EUR580 million (US$620 million).

The fund exceeded its initial goal by more than double, surpassing the final close amount of its previous fund, SWIFT 1, by over three times. SWIFT 2, an impact fund dedicated to sustainable investments aiming to promote the decarbonization of the gas sector, has already made approximately twenty investments. It is expected to be fully deployed by the end of 2023. The fund focuses on direct investments in methanisation, biomethane, hydrogen, and renewable heat production. Its portfolio includes companies in 10 European countries such as France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, and the UK, as well as smaller interests in North America.

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