Financial close achieved for Malla Vial del Meta road PPP project

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Odinsa, the concessionaire for the Malla Vial del Meta road project, has secured financial closure after obtaining COP590,000 million (US$147.50 million) from Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN), Bancolombia, and Davivienda. The funding will help in implementation of the 267.5 kilometers long Malla Vial del Meta road project, which is part of Colombia's 4G highway concession.

Malla Vial del Meta will form a ring road around Villavicencio. The scope of works involve the implementation of 25.8 kilometers of second lanes (10.6 km between Acacías and La Cuncia, 9 km between La Cuncia and Ciudad Porfia, and 6.2 km between the Ocoa River and access to the Apiay Military Base);7.25 kilometers of simple roads (the construction of a new road between the Catama and Yellow Bridge intersection and the Fundadores intersection);2.5 kilometers of vehicular bridges and 16 pedestrian bridges; and 10.9 kilometers of bicycle paths.

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